Short Bio (2020)

My name is Sebastián Pérez (Seba). I am an Assistant Professor of Astrophysics appointed at the Department of Physics at Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH) since early 2019. I work in astrophysics, and in the art-science interplay through music, sound, and literature.

My research in astrophysics focuses on the question of the origins of planets. My latest papers include the prediction of the signatures of protoplanets in the kinematics of protoplanetary disks, the discovery of a triple ring of dust in a disk unveiling a migrating mini Neptune planet, and the first Doppler-flip expected for an accreting gaseous giant planet. My work employs both, observing facilities, such as the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), and theoretical models such as hydrodynamic simulations.

In the interplay between art-science, outreach and education, I have led and participated in projects on embodied learning applied to astrophysics, directed the Skies Concert project, and worked on the Charango concerto From the Big Bang, through the fundamental laws (composed by A. Yermakova).

I am the lead author of the children's novel Cazadores de eclipses, aimed at sharing the essentials of scientific exploration and discovery and promote women in science. More than seven thousand copies are being read in public schools today.

I graduated from my doctorate (DPhil) at Oxford University in 2010, where I studied the accretion phenomena in microquasars, advised by Katherine Blundell. In 2011, I moved to Chile to pursue studies of planet formation, in part driven by the commissioning of the ALMA observatory.